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Mom and Dad Flemma love Caledonia – “Tell Furry Fozler make the par-3s shorter”

So I sent my mom and dad to Caledonia Golf and Fish Club yesterday and mom made me spit iced tea all over my laptop. You remember they went to The Hideout in Naples, Fla. last year and reported back? Well, Mr. and Mrs. Havekamp are back with their own inimitable golf course reviews.


“The greens were massive! They had to be 50 yards long and the last one had to be 70 or 80 yards long. Man what a lot of water to carry on that last shot. You hit a big drive and then you hit it in the water! The bunkers were murder. You get in the sand and you don’t know if you’re gonna get out again. The greens were in the best shape I have ever played. And it was beautiful. Wow, what a place.”

Jay: How did you you do on 18?

Dad: “How do you think? I can’t hit the ball the hell over that water. but it sure was something special.”

Mom: “What are you doing sending me to par-3s where I have to hit driver? I wanna hit my 5-wood. But it was beautiful. The course was in magnificent shape. I think it was them most interesting course I have ever played. Oh, the sand was terribly hard! And it was everywhere! That last hole was something else. But how beautiful and interesting. There was something new on every hole! But tell Furry Fozler to make the par-3s shorter!”

Jay: How about that hole where the green was completely surrounded by sand?

Mom: “Which one it seemed like they all were surrounded by sand! And the par threes…that 17th hole…”
All I have to say is…”Furry Fozler?”

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