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Jay’s Plays NFL Picks – 2018 NFL Divisional Playoffs Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Kansas City Chokes. There’s no other way to describe losing to a hapless bunch of dink and dunkers like Tennessee. Andy Reid’s crew did not come ready to play for 60 minutes, and that’s all there is under discussion.


The Chiefs sent Ernesto the Prediction Iguana down with them – he went 2-2 last week, winning neither teaser bet, although he did hit with the UNDER, as well as the Jaguars. Meanwhile the Rams also weren’t ready to play from the beginning of the game, and also got sent down to ignominious defeat.

Our intrepid animal kingdom prognosticator looks to rebound this week. As always, we do 2-team teasers here, so we can move the line six points either way. We use the lines from www.vegasinsider.com, HOME TEAM IN CAPS.

jaguars +13.5 at STEELERS
EAGLES +9 vs. falcons

When Carson Wentz went down for the season, the first thought was “Knock ’em out, count ’em out,” and I stand by that…but that’s regarding the Super Bowl, not the first playoff game against an up-and-down Atlanta team. The Falcons are the sexy pick right now, but nine poits is a lot to spot a 13-3 team playing in their house. Meanwhile if there’s one team that hanstrings the Steelers it’s New England, butt if there’s two…it’s Jacksonville. TheJags smooshed Pittsburgh 30-9 in Pittsburgh earlier this year. They’ll win again, only in a squeaker.

Then they’ll go to Foxboro…where they’ll get beat with the help of sketchiest refereeing ever.

CHEATRIOTS -7.5 vs. titans

Ride the cheaters until they give you a reason not to, especially against a bunch of pretenders like Tennessee.Defense wins championsips, and Minnesota’s is for real.