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Indy Pass to Add 50 New Resorts Worldwide


Over 50 new resorts from Europe, Canada, Japan, and the US join the Indy Pass

GRANBY, Colorado – The Indy Pass announced today more than 50 new Alpine and Nordic resorts have signed on for the 23/24 season, and limited quantities of passes will be released for sale starting on October 10th. Sales will be handled through the waitlist process, which is open for registration. A list of new resorts and blackout dates will also be announced on October 10th. This expansion pushes Indy Pass’ total to 170+ resorts across the Northern Hemisphere and further secures its standing as the fastest-growing multi-mountain pass in the world.

“We are pleased to announce this record number of new partners that will greatly expand our network of independently-owned resorts and preserve a wide-open authentic experience for all guests,” said Doug Fish, Indy Pass founder. “We’ve been working diligently during the off-season to add to our roster of independent resorts and create more capacity for passionate skiers and riders.”

Indy Pass’ Erik Mogensen added, “We are serious about growing the Indy Pass and doing it responsibly. The remarkable addition of over 50 new partners across three continents allows us to offer an affordable option to more people. Skiing and riding should not be a luxury good.”

In an exclusive interview with Jay, Doug Fish added, “In addition to 50 new resorts joining the Indy Pass we are very excited to enter the European market for the first time. Our announcement on October 10th will blow some people away. Be well and stay stoked.”

The identity of all 50-plus resorts is a closely-guarded secret until October 10. In the meantime, Erik Mogenson announced on Ski the Northeast’s Facebook page, “These new partners are a mix of alpine and nordic options across the US, Canada, Japan, and Europe. (more alpine than nordic in fact) This will give us the much needed capacity we need to open up more passes. We will work our way down the waitlist starting on Tuesday. If you want a pass, please make sure you are on the waitlist, preferably once. Blackout dates are being confirmed and we will share everything that we have on Tuesday as well. Physical Passes will ship in mid November, and the new design is home run. Thank you for being patient as we all work hard to keep skiing independent.

Pass Pricing for this Special Release

All passes purchased are eligible to be split into two equal payments.

  • Indy Adult Base Pass $399 or two payments of $199.50
  • Indy+ Adult Pass $499 or two payments of $249.50
  • Indy Kids Base Pass $199 or two payments of $99.50
  • Indy+ Kids Pass $249 or two payments of $124.50

Indy AddOn Pass, exclusively for partner resort passholders:

  • Indy AddOn Adult Base Pass $279 or two payments of $139.50
  • Indy+ AddOn Adult Pass $379 or two payments of $189.50
  • Indy Kids AddOn Base Pass $139 or two payments of $69.50
  • Indy+ Kids AddOn Pass $179 or two payments of $89.50

Indy XC Pass

  • Indy XC Pass Adult Pass $99 or two payments of $49.50
  • Indy XC Pass Kids Pass $49 or two payments of $24.50
  • Indy XC Pass Adult AddOn Pass $79 or two payments of $39.50
  • Indy XC Pass Kids AddOn Pass $39 or two payments of $19.50

Note: Indy Base Passes and Indy+ Passes allow access to all Alpine and cross-country resorts for two days. XC Pass allows two-day access to all cross-country resorts. Partner resort passholders may exclusively purchase Indy AddOn Passes.

Waitlist Sales to Commence on October 10

Indy Pass sales were halted in April 2023 due to overwhelming demand, and a waitlist was established to allow possible expansion. Individuals on that growing waitlist will receive a unique permission code via email. Permission codes will be sent in batches based on the original sign-up day, enabling the recipient to buy a pass beginning at 11:00 AM Eastern Time on October 10. Anyone who needs to sign up for the waitlist can do so at Indyskipass.com, holding their spot in line to purchase a 23/24 pass as they become available.

New Physical Pass and Indy Brand ID Coming in Early November 

For the first time, the Indy Pass will issue a physical RFID-enabled pass, with a handful of partners beta-testing direct-to-lift access. The traditional method of redeeming a visit using an ID at partner resorts will remain available for all passholders at all resorts. The physical passes will debut a streamlined and more recognizable logo. New digital experience tools will also support the new brand into 2024.