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Forsgate Announces Paula Creamer, Gary McCord to Play in Charity Battle of the Sexes (with Feherty Announcing)


MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ – Continuing their longstanding tradition of giving back to golf, Forsgate Country Club’s charity event on October 6 and 7 will feature Paula Creamer and Gary McCord in a “Battle of the Sexes” hosted by Clown Prince of Golf, David Feherty.

“We need the community more than they need us, so we do whatever we can to use golf to give back to others,” said Forsgate owner Chris Schiavone, whose Forsgate Foundation has given over a three hundred thousand dollars to local charities in the last decade alone. “Golf does so much good in our lives, it’s incumbent upon us to return the favor to others, pay the goodwill forward. What better way to do that than with the game we love and that brings so much happiness to our lives.”

Forsgate has hosted A-list celebrity charity events through its foundation continuously since 2003. This year’s event will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. On the evening of the 6th, the club will host cocktail reception and silent auction of sports memorabilia, travel packages, and other prized golf-related assets. On the 7th, registrants will play 18 holes on the Banks course with photo ops and a chance to play a hole with the celebrities.

After a 2pm skills demonstration, McCord and Creamer will do battle for nine holes while Feherty wisecracks all the way around.

“I didn’t even realize he [McCord] played golf!” Creamer confided puckishly. Indeed, that sentiment may be widespread as early national polling has Creamer, the Pink Panther and America’s Golf Sweetheart, favored by a 4-1 margin. Creamer has won 11 times on the professional circuit including her iconic U.S. Open victory at mighty Oakmont in 2010. She has been installed as a 3&2 favorite over McCord, who spots her 38 years in age and has 9 fewer professional victories.

“[Mom] always told me to play nice with girls…I never listen to mom. Beating Paula will be fun,” replied the plucky McCord, who is relishing his role as the bad guy. “It will be another win in my already memorable career.”

Meanwhile, no one makes us laugh like Feherty, whose self-effacing humor may be funniest of all.

“A cute girl told me she loved me today,” he quipped. “I told her she must like gerbils, have low standards, or both.”

The Banks course (built 1930) is the last design in the epic architectural Bloodline of Charles Blair Macdonald, Seth Raynor, and Charles “Steamshovel” Banks. McCord and Creamer will play holes 1-2, then crossover to the back nine and finish with 12-18. Along the way they will play famous template holes “Narrows,” “Short,” “Double Plateau,” “Chocolate Drop,” and of course one of the greatest “Biarritz” holes in America, a 272 yard behemoth of a par-3 with a ten foot wide and six foot deep swale in the 100-yard long green.

For more information on registration call 732.656.8911 or visit either www.forsgatecc.com or www.forsgatefoundation.org.