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Maxwell College Tournament

Fields set for Hootie at Bulls Bay, Maxwell College Golf Tourneys

Boy, just when you think the Hootie at Bulls Bay Intercollegiate NCAA golf tournament couldn’t get any better, tournament director Doug Carnes outdoes himself. The field has been set for the 2008 tourney. Two-time defending champion Wake Forest University, last year’s runner up Baylor and perennial juggernaut Lamar University headline a star-studded line...

Southern Hills, Dornick Hills and Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club – the 2007 PGA Championship Part 2

Part one is below this entry. See you from Augusta next year. Friday It was fitting that Woods went off early Thursday because it set the stage for him close the proceedings on Friday with fireworks. Much like a headlining rock band rightfully having the stage for themselves to end the gig and sending everyone home singing and screaming for more – a smattering...