Rachel Uchitel Speaks: Denies Published Rumors of Affair with Tiger Woods

In an interview with A Walk in the Park, 34 year-old Rachel Uchitel of New York City categorically denied reports from the National Enquirer that she had an affair with professional golfer Tiger Woods.

“This story has gotten completely out of hand,” said Uchitel sternly, “none of the stories regarding Tiger Woods and I are true, and I resent the story and the quotes that were published in the National Enquirer.”

Mere days ago, the Enquirer reported that Woods and Uchitel had an affair, connecting with one another in Australia, Las Vegas, and New York. The story was subsequently referenced on-line by Sports by Brooks, The Huffington Post, NowPublic.com, and even the Twitter feed of prominent sports journalist Jason Whitlock, as well as other websites.

The story, which percolated quietly for a short time, suddenly boiled over yesterday afternoon when news broke of Woods’s involvement in a car accident outside his home at approximately 2:25 a.m., when he crashed his 2009 Cadillac SUV into a fire hydrant and a tree. Woods was released from the hospital after being treated for lacerations to his face. Initial reports incorrectly hinted that his injuries were more serious, and speculation about a argument with his wife Elin – which was reported by TMZ.com – triggered media inquiry to Uchitel because of the contents of the Enquirer story and its dissemination over the Internet.

“They have made me out to be a liar and a tramp and I am neither,” Uchitel asserted firmly. “The girl quoted in the Enquirer, Ashley Samson, is not a friend of mine and is not telling the truth.”

Uchitel denied having an affair with Woods, and stated that she is consulting with lawyers regarding the published reports. “I want the media to explore why the National Enquirer and other magazines either failed to run the article on their websites or pulled copies. I think that speaks volumes about the lack of veracity of the articles,” said Uchitel.

Uchitel sounded flustered about the firestorm of media attention, but also seemed resolute in her denial of the allegations, and sincere in her umbrage at being the subject of the scandal. “I was not quoted correctly by anyone who contacted me about the article, and Sampson is not a reputable source at all as she does not know me closely and is not my friend.”

Uchitel also echoed those denials to the New York Daily News and the New York Post.

We anticipate future interviews with Uchitel shortly. We reached out to the National Enquirer for their position on this story, but they had not returned our calls as we went to press, although a recorded phone message stated that they expected to re-open for business on Monday morning.

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