South African Lobster Tails next year for Dinner at Augusta National?

AUGUSTA, GA – As we got to press, Trevor Immelman leads the 2008 Masters by six shots with just four holes to play. With Amen Corner behind him, it looks…

Sal Johnson of Golf Observer likes Rose and Harrington as well as Woods

Smart man, that Sal Johnson.  Read all about it here.  reading BETWEEN the stats…it’s the skill of an observant, passionate, and original voice.

Cybergolf Carries my Masters pieces

Click here for “The Magical Masters.”  Click here for David Barrett’s Golf Observer article.  Click here to see how I told everyone to watch out for Justin Rose.

The 2008 Masters – John Huggan agrees, Tom Fazio Open-ized Augusta

John Huggan, my colleague from across the pond had some interesting analyses about how when scoring heads south in majors, so does the excitement. From the article: With longer…

No one is picking Padraig Harrington at the 2008 Masters but they should

Nobody, and I mean nobody on any network or magazine, has picked Padraig Harrington. Why? He’s the reigning British Open champion, he won at Carnasty, and he’s tough as nails….

2008 Masters – Chairman Billy Payne Amends Invitiation Criteria to be More Inclusive

As reported, by T.J. Auclair, one of the long-time stalwarts in golf coverage, “the new system will grant invitation to the winners of PGA TOUR regular season and playoff events…

Phil Mushnick: No Berman at ESPN Masters Coverage, Thank God

There is nothing dignified, intelligent, altruistic, classy or analytical about Chris Berman’s tired ESPN shtick.  That’s why Sideshow Chris just wouldn’t work at the classy, dignified, altruistic Masters, says Phil…

Coming soon: Live Coverage from Clemens Steroids Hearing, Five pieces for

Quick reset for the week: First, next week I’ll be in the Senate Press Gallery with a true bird’s eye view of Roger Clemens’s latest act of self-immolation. Quite simply,…

Augusta National Announces New Greens, Tees for 2008 Masters

Click here for the article.

In Memoriam: Matt Miller (1968 – 2007) – all around great guy

My circle of friends and the entire Trinity college community mourns the loss of Matt Miller, ’86, DKE, varsity lacrosse and all around great guy.  Matt was a passionate, dedicated…

Zach Johnson wins U.S. Open, oops, I mean Masters

Lets get something out up front – what you saw this week is NOT how “firm and fast” is supposed to play. As a result, we got a U.S. Open…

Masters results day 1: who scares Woods?

With the free fall of the game’s top names, this is set to be a Tiger walk.  Phil and Ernie?  They’ll be lucky if they make the cut, although with…

2007 Masters prediction

Boy is his going to be easy.  If Tiger makes his putts, he’ll win.  If he doesn’t, I’ll go with Vijay, who is playing well, has won the Masters before,…

100 players invited to The Masters

Cybergolf reports that this year 100 players were invited to The Masters.

Great stories of the Masters: Ben Crenshaw in 1984

Geoff Shackelford once wrote in Grounds for Golf that temptation is the most important feature in a golf course. Temptation draws players in to try shots outside their comfort zone….

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