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Woods Enters Guilty Plea, Media Outlets Mostly Silent


If you needed any more proof that Tiger Woods is still getting free passes from the media, the deafening silence by the golf media on the day he pleaded guilty in his DUI case was concrete proof.

“Looking haggard in a black suit and white T-shirt, the golf legend entered the plea to reckless driving through his lawyer at court in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.” wrote the New York Post, but they were pretty much the only outlet. All golf media were agog with Tiger announcing his return and spent hours dissecting his swing, but no one wanted to discuss his latest fall from grace of several.

It’s lost upon them he could have killed someone driving so inebriated in the middle of the night he was found unconscious behind the wheel half on and half off the road on a busy city thoroughfare.

They’re SILENT that he had THC (marijuana) among a galaxy of other dangerous painkillers in his system.

And of course no one hearkened back to the bevy of buxom bimbos that brought him down like the Hindenberg.

Instead, sports journos and broadcasters are trying to float him again on their own hot air. One ESPN “”insider” has Tweeted 33 times…22 about Tiger Woods, but not a single one of them about his plea bargain or his tribulations and transgressions. That’s not sports reporting, that’s selling an image…and for nothing. Because Tiger will sit for “interviews” only with softballs…like former jocks and coaches such as Geno Auriemma. That’s not journalism, that’s thinly veiled PR – “by athletes, for athletes.” But he’ll dodge real journos and hard questions like the Bubonic Plague.

Tiger viewers are casual eyeballs, which means they are fickle eyeballs, which means they don’t generate revenue. All those clicks and likes on social media…and not one of them saved a journalist from losing a job. Woods’s return? What are they selling us now?