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Tag - Loon Mountain

Golf Course Trades and Resort Trades Run my Second Loon Mountain Article

So both Golf Course Trades and Resort Trades magazines are running a second Loon Mountain story that I wrote after my January trip. (Jay Peak is next, by the way.) It was quite an impressive place, but best of all, it was low impact, fun, and easy in every respect  low hanging fruit for anyone planning a trip. Here’s a link to the piece. Golf season has started...

National Ski Council Federation Runs my Loon Mountain Article

A huge thank you again to the National Ski Council Federation for running a portion of and posting a link to my Loon Mountain article. (Click the link above.) As usual, they do a fantastic job; we’re grateful for their support. By the way, join a local ski club or two:  it’s a great way to incerase your circle of friends and have some new mates to shred...