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NASJA, NSCF Run My Greek Peak Article and Interview

I’m really grateful to both the National Ski Council Federation and the North American Snowsports Journalists Association for running my Greek Peak article and interview with their marketing maven Drew Broderick. Thanks also, of course, to Greek Peak. Happily, I’ll be writing a longer piece later this season about Greek Peak, a recent Indypass inductee...

The Indie Files: Greek Peak Poised for Indypass Breakthrough

CORTLAND, NY – Sadly, I’ll never get to say, “I’ll take Mythology for a thousand please, Alex,” (as Jeopardy’s long-time host has now gone to that Great Game Show in the Sky), but I would have run the category. Western Civ is a long suit of mine, and still the best way to educate young minds about philosophy, history, civics, and yes, writing. So it was with...