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Golf Course Trades Runs my Latest Covid-19 Article and Interview with GCSAA President Fulling, Jr.

Golf Course Trades has run my second article in a series of updates regarding the golf industry’s resurgence against the Coronavirus. These articles are published also here, at Golf News Net, and as links at the GSCAA website. We have all joined forces to bring you the latest news in the fastest amount of time and give you a glimpse of golf’s recovery...

Golf Course Trades Runs my Interview with GCSAA President John Fulling, Jr.

So Golf Course Trades ran my timely interview with John Fulling, Jr., the president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. The GCSAA has been remarkably proactive; Fulling, Jr. and the rest of the GCSAA have mobilized quickly, effectively turning their website into a clearing house for all Coronavirus-related issues facing the Association’s...