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Tag - Chris Schiavone

Video Reply of the Golf Course Trades Webinar on Forsgate Country Club’s Banks Course is Up

So Golf Course Trades has posted the link to the webinar I did on Forsgate’s Banks Course with course owner Chris Schiavone, architect Stephan Kay and head superintendent Don Asinski. It was a brilliant redux of the Banks Course, and the Macdonald-Raynor-Banks canon. The link to the video is here. Forsgate’s Banks Course just hosted the 13th annual Writer...

Opening Day at Forsgate – The North Bids Golf a Hearty “Welcome Back”

MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ – The wind was cold as Spanish steel. A golf ball-gray sky stretched end to end across the horizon, clouds moving forlornly before the breeze. To the west a dark thunderhead roiled, black as a witch’s cauldron. Yet to the buoyant hearts of northeast golfers it might have well been a sunny 4th of July. “What a perfect day for golf...