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Jay Flemma (and others) interview with Retief Goosen at the 2005 US Open at Pinehurst

The post round interview with Retief that was broadcast on GolfChannel features three of my questions. Here are my snippets:

JF: retief with all the chipping areas and collection areas and the variety of chip shots you have to hit around the greens and with the three excellent days you had previously, do you think you laid good groundwork for the British Open coning up?

Goose: Yeah, we’re going to see the same thing. I’m looking forward to the Open and this was good practice this week, especially since St. Andrews has similar fall-offs and hopefully we can be up for it going into Sunday.

JF: Was it a tough ball striking day or was the problem that you found yourself in some strange places with tough angles into the pins.

Goose: If you were on the wrong side of the flag, it always feels like you can putt it off the green on the other side or chip it over the other side so it was very difficult to commit yourself to hit it hard enough at places and that’s where every time I chipped up the hill I chipped it short or when I putted up the hill I putted short so I couldn’t get the pace right today.

JF: What have you done in the past to overcome disappointing defeats and how are you going to draw on those experiences as you move forward to the British and PGA?

Goose: I played well this week, it’s just today. The same thinig happened to Ernie last year. He played well for three days and then everything went sideways all of a sudden. I’m just gonna come back tomorrow and tee it up again and keep trying. its only a game at the end of the day and we carry on with life.

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