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Cybergolf Runs my Latest Piece on Rory and Congressional

And here is the link

From the article:

Of all the professional golfers on the planet, McIlroy seems the most likely to win more than a fistful of majors, since he can play well on any style course: Augusta, classic American parkland courses or British links-land. He has a versatile game, a silky-smooth swing, and he’s got the benefit of hindsight; he clearly saw Tiger Woods’s mistakes and he’s determined not to make them. This April when he lost the Masters so devastatingly, he was as gracious as Phil Mickelson was when he lost at Winged Foot: no running away from the media, no shrinking from the spotlight, no dodging any questions. He even made you laugh about what happened.

“Well I had five full holes to start to forget about it,” he observed light-heartedly, winning the respect and admiration of the fans as well as the media. Good on ya, kid.