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Coming Attractions – LIV Golf, Jay Peak, More iHeartRadio


Take a deep breath before the next plunge. Ski season is coming faster than you can thank me for the reminder. Now is the time to get the gear ready! Now is the time to shop for anything you;re lacking. Now is the time to line it all up to be ready at the drop of a hat.

Insert voice of Jay’s friends:  “Jay it’s not even September 1st…”

Well what happens if we get a freak squall? We can be the first out the door, in seconds. And what about if you win a trip to Chile? Or Alaska? What then? You have to be ready for these things!

Anyway, we were glad you were along for the ride for Sunday River. Next up is a deep dive into Vermont’s ancient and wondrous Jay Peak. But not before we bring everyone up to date on the PGA Tour v s. LIV imbroglio, as well as travel around the northeast to bring you the latest cool spots too play. Finally, the weekly Jay Flemma Sports Report continues weekly over at iHeartRadio and the Golf News Net.