The 2015 Jazzy Awards – Best New Course – Cabot Cliffs

The 2015 Jazzy Awards – Best New Course – Cabot Cliffs

It’s rare when every major magazine rankings list agree with one another, but when they do, it’s time to pay attention…close attention.

From the moment it was announced that Coore and Crenshaw would get a clifftop site at the new Nova Scotia golf destination complex, excitement was as palpable as the release of a new Star Wars movie. (Coore and Crenshaw get to play Han and Leia. No second fiddle at all, Rod Whitman, designer of the other course on the property, Cabot Links, gets to be Obi-Wan:)

Visiting the oceanside early in the round, again early on the back nine, and then for a stirring four finishing holes, no less a personage than Ron Whitten himself called Cabot Cliffs, “the second coming of Cypress Point.” We’ll let you how much we agree after we visit later this year. But make no mistake – this year there was Cabot Cliffs…and everybody else. I know what you’re thinking: Nova Scotia? React: Subtext: Please don’t make this another one of those courses that we write about, and you don’t go play:) It’s a bucket list place.

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