New Cobra driver, Colorado Golf and Bowling For Soup

So the golf hammer of justice was minorly delayed when Tim Hartnett of Engh Golf did his best Kim Jong II when it came to figuring out everyone’s handicaps. (Then he became Joe Lieberman/John Roberts when it came to helping his partner.) Apparently my 15 handicap and Tony from Hooked on Golf’s 3 are entitled to only eight strokes when playing Fossil Trace Pro Jim Hajek and himself (a 6 playing to a 10). Tim’s clucks like a broody old hen while riding Hajek like Secretariat.

Anyway, yours truly rolled in some putts and Tony played tough as nails on the difficult layout at Pradera on his first time out. But Jim Hajek was too much eagling the first hole and playing -3 for the first six holes. We fought back cutting a five hole deficit to three, but then Hajek pitched in from forty yards away to win the match. Tim’s contribution was wisecracking as usual. Jim’s eleven year old son Brian not only played a terrific round (95!), but saw his first rock concert and knew the names of all four Bowling For Soup rockers AND all four guys in Led Zepplin.

Anyway, I consoled myself by getting a Cobra 460 CC Thor Hammer of a driver weapon and promptly hit 10 of 14 fairways in todays afternoon round at Red Hawk Ridge. Tony and Eddie peck had great rounds at both Red hawk and Fossil Trace, highlighted by Tony’s 75 at RHR!

Ballyneal tomorrow. Those two words speak volumes.

BFS rocked the Ogden Theatre with Army of freshmen, Punchline and Lucky Boys Confusion. Highlights included Punchline coming out and playing Ohio and Smells Like Teen Spirit with the boys and everybody coming out for the amazing double encore of Life After Lisa and I Wanna Be Sedated. Amazing. My favorite moment was watching Jim Engh mosh with his son Brian during “The Last Rock Show” in the “family” section of the arena with the rest of the band’s extended family. Watching little Brian and Bailey beaming while chatting up the band was heartwarming. It was their first rock show of their lives and they danced like old veterans. Sign ’em up!

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Jay Flemma

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  1. 29th August 2006 | Eat says:
    Sounds like some good golf all around - nice job!
  2. 30th August 2006 | mediaguru says:
    Jay: Being the photo nut I am and loving to record history in the making, I have a photo of your first shot with the new driver. Want it? :-)
  3. 30th August 2006 | mediaguru says:
    Hey man you bumped my handi up 50%! I'm a 2 dammit! WE GOT SCREWED! WHERE'S THE SCORE CARD? I demand a recount!

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