I am thrilled to introduce everyone to one of my dearest friends and favorite people in the world, Cameron Myler. Cameron is a four-time Olympic athlete in the sport of luge. (Just think back to when we all slid down hills in grade school on lunch trays, only way faster and more dangerous). Perhaps the greatest testament to Cameron’s dedication, sportsmanship and collegial esteem was that she was selected to carry the American flag for our team in Lillehammer in 1994. Since then she has served on the USOC, testified before Congress (here)
and serves on the NYC 2012 bid. Cameron is also an entertainment and sports attorney here in manhattan at a prestigious firm full of my friends, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz. We met years back as fans of a band I did alot of work for and serve together putting programs on entertainment law together for the NY Bar Association.

Cameron is also a photographer and painter and recently won honorable mention in a ultracompetitive NYC competition. Her work is now on exhibit in Manhattan at the Pen and Brush Exhibit Hall, 16 E. 10th Street. Please visit her site to see her phenomenal work here.

Cameron would make a terrific golfer – graceful, tactful, the face of American and Olympic sportmanship – she knows the score’s not “the thing,” but the effort, the journey and the comradery.

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Jay Flemma

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  1. 7th March 2005 | photonancy says:
    See, this was a nice story!
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