Happy 80th Birthday Art Spander!

http://jayflemma.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/art.jpegHappy 80th Birthday Art Spander!

While we finish our Boston Golf article and get ready to turn to both Monterey Peninsula Country club and the imminent football season, we’ll take a moment to send our best wishes to Art Spander on the occasion of his 80th birthday!

Art is a living legend. He’s a been writing since before I was born, covering every major sporting event in the World. He was honored this year with his own car in the Tournament of Roses parade before the Rose Bowl. And he’s the only person alive ever to walk away with a Super Bowl game plan after a pre-game interview! (He put his backpack down next to Mike Shanahan’s, then picked up the wrong one.)

Happy birthday, Art! You’re one of a kind!

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