Golf News Net Runs my Meadow Club Piece News Net Runs my Meadow Club Piece


Ryan Ballengee and GNN did a fantastic job making my Meadow Club article look so good. Big thanks also to Sean Tully. I can’t wait to get back out there again – it was Heaven.

From the article:

Call it the Machu Picchu of golf.

From far below, in the hippie town of Fairfax, one can look a thousand feet sheer up the cliff-side to the shallow, mountaintop bowl where the verdant fairways of Alister Mackenzie and Robert Hunter’s Meadow Club lie, serenely etched between fescue-clad rocky slopes.

Indeed, the first time I saw Meadow Club, it radiated an almost holy glow. A glorious sun blazed from a cloudless sky, and a golden crown of glory shone upon her every fairway, while somber Mount Tamilaus looked over her in stony silence, as he had for close to a century….

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