Golf Course Trades Runs my Old Town Article

Golf Course Trades Runs my Old Town Article

Great job by the wonderful folks at for running my article on Old Town Club, the last great course of Perry Maxwell. It’s a wonderful course in Winstom-Salem, NC, the home course of mighty Wake Forest!

From the article:

“It is impossible to understate how important Old Town is to both Maxwell’s legacy and the study of golf design. He chose a stretch of terrain absolutely perfect for golf: 165 acres reminiscent of the UK moors. Rumbling, rugged terrain where he employed tumultuous undulations in the fairways, diagonal hazards, the Doctrine of Deception, and his fiendishly intricate green contours – all Maxwell’s greatest trademark design features are on display at Old Town. It’s as though you’ve been transported 100 years in the past and across the ocean. “

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Jay Flemma