Golf Course Trades Publishes my Meadow Club Piece Course Trades Publishes my Meadow Club Piece

I wrote about Meadow Club for this month’s Golf Course Trades, one of those courses that you have to play before you die. Here’s my favorite part of the article:

As I took a deep breath and savored the crisp, wine-sweet, forest-fragrant air, the October sun’s rays began their last golden stretch across Alister Mackenzie and Robert Hunter’s Meadow Club. Tall trees cast long autumn shadows against the Northern California mountainside, a stark contrast to the burnished amber fescue and verdant fairways. And iridescent fringes of vermillion illuminated Mount Tamalpais in a crown of glory.

It was a moment of grace that every ardent golfer treasures; when golf transcends the scorecard, the traffic of the world vanishes, and the player is left with just the soothing warmth of the course as it embraces him with its Old World charm.

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Jay Flemma