Do you like this golf course design?

I saw this recently and was flabbergasted. Now, I’m all for pushing the envelope, but this seems a bit garish for my taste.

Do you like this? We’re gonna take a ten day poll, results late next week, but I’ll post more pictures every so often. Here’s a link to check out more pix of this course in Dunkirk, France.

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Jay Flemma

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  1. 26th January 2006 | Ryan Farrow says:
    Comments eh? I’m a landscape architecture major, aspiring to design golf courses. With that said I hope this is a Photoshop work. I’ve seen many design s like this in French and Italian renaissance gardens, not on a golf course. What ever happened to blending golf courses into their natural surroundings? I actually saw an island green in a golf course design book that looked very similar. Who knows maybe it’s the same architect?
  2. 27th January 2006 | Mike says:
    Pretty ugly- there aren't too many square shapes in natural settings... very artificial.
  3. 28th January 2006 | JD Williams says:
    Could it be the unhappy ghost of Desmond Muirhead? This reminds me of when I first started studying golf course design, I came upon an article about one of the pioneer CAD users in the late 80s - I can't remember who - who had the course built exactly as it appeared on his primitive, lo-res monitor - diamond -shaped bunkers, square mounds, etc.
  4. 29th January 2006 | Robert Thompson says:
    Looks pretty weird to me, Jay.

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