Cybergolf Runs my NYC Public Golf Piece

While I get ready to live-webcast the reopening of Philly Cricket Wissahickon Course, here’s my piece on NYC public golf over at Cybergolf.

From the article:

Apologies to hairy rockers ZZ Top (of La Grange, TV Dinners and “Sharp Dressed Man” fame), but you do have to make it to the upstate New York town of Lagrangeville for some excellent golf designed in the tradition of holes you’d play at the great heathland courses of the U.K. and the great Golden Age holes built in America by such quintessential designers as Charles Blair Macdonald, Seth Raynor and Herbert Leeds. Once again, it’s Stephen Kay, the hometown boy, who got the design job and got it done well.

“It’s an Irish golf course, but a great American success story!” Kay gushed energetically. “You basically had 17 Irish golf clubs that form the northern part of greater-NYC metro area band together to build their dream club. Four hundred guys raised 4 million dollars, and built the golf course.”

Four hundred Irish guys, because on the walk from your car to the clubhouse alone you’ll hear the lilting tones of accents from every mile between Galway to Dublin and back again. It’s one of the coolest vibes in American golf, remarkably similar to the Irish ethos achieved at the famous Fox Club in Florida, home of Irish ex-pat and well-decorated champion Eoghan O’Connell. Slainte, guys. Well done.

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Jay Flemma